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Charm Junction, a respected PANDORA reseller, pandora beadshas announced the arrival of PANDORA's 2010 Fall Collection. This collection embodies one of the largest releases that PANDORA has Pandora Jewelryever made, and contains some truly stunning pieces for customers.
 For those who love the look of silver, the new collection contains quite a few new items of interest, including pandora beadsthe Best Friends Butterfly charm, though customers can really celebrate the cheap pandora bracelet charms sale spirit of the holiday season with the beautiful Christmas sleigh. There are also fun and whimsical silver PANDORA charms on offer, discount pandora charms such as an airplane, cow and "Daydream" charms.
 For those who enjoy charms that are a bit different, there are new wood and 14k gold charms, as well as several pandora bracelets on salenew solid 14k gold charms, such as the Golden Flowers clip and Pandora Charms wholesale Constellation, which comes with gemstones like garnet or onyx. There are also silver charms with enamel hearts, available in black, purple and red.
 pandora beads
 For those with a love of glass, there arebuy cheap pandora jewelry several new large Murano glass beads with floral motifs, ranging from black to pink to orange and even lime. A range of silver charms with cheap pandora beads charms sale numbers formed with delicate orange garnets is also available (numbers include 0 through 9). For those who love the beauty of diamonds, buy pandora beads there are also several choice options available, such as the Woven Together bead.
 Finally, there are also several new silver and 14k gold charms on offer, such as the Golden Star, as well as newpandora bracelets on sale silver clips with cabochon cut gemstones, such as citrine, iolite and onyx.
 For customers, Charm Junction has also where to get Pandora Charms announced a new design for their website, one that provides far greater functionality for customers. New additions to the website will be announced cheap pandora beadsfrequently as the company continues to offer additional features.
 For more information about Charm Junction cheap Pandora Charms online sale and the largest selection of PANDORA necklaces in Canada, visit.
 About Charm Junction: In 1999, McBurney Junction was launched in Langley, BC. The store quickly grew into authentic pandora charmsa boutique home dcor store, featuring the finest handcrafted furnishings, interior design elements and PANDORA jewelry. Charm Junction was launched to provide customers with expert assistance, a fun shopping atmosphere and the finest selection of PANDORA charms in the country.

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